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THE SOLUTION: I'm going to attempt to BE one, even if I can't be officially CALLED one.

This means that you can expect the subject matter to jump around as erratically as my short attention span does.

THE HOPE: That what you see here makes you smile...or think about things a little differently.

THE DREAM: Maybe, I might just get lucky and encourage you in some way.

YOUR JOB: Enjoy!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Faith the Dog-Faith and Hope on 2 Legs


Ran across some pictures of a 2-legged dog named Faith. It was born deformed and it's mother abandoned the pup as a lost cause. It was taken in by a family who loved it and nourished it and taught it to walk on it's hind legs!
   The owners are writing a book and the publisher wants proof that there are people in the world who'd care about Faith's story.
  They are asking people to add their email addresses to a list to show the publisher there is indeed interest in such a book.
  See the website and read more about Faith the inspirational dog, her story, and pictures at: http://faiththedog.info/
   And, if you feel so inclined, add your email address to say you support the author.
Go to http://faiththedog.info/category/tags/faith-walks  to join with others to help get to the 5000 emails they need.
   Note: --->>They say you're not obligated to actually buy the book when it's released!

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  1. Great post! It's always good to give someone a boost in their creative efforts. I'm on my way to check out Faith.