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THE PLAN: To write about the diverse things that catch my attention.

THE BUMMER: I really wanted to be the "Eclectic Blogger", but it was taken.

THE SOLUTION: I'm going to attempt to BE one, even if I can't be officially CALLED one.

This means that you can expect the subject matter to jump around as erratically as my short attention span does.

THE HOPE: That what you see here makes you smile...or think about things a little differently.

THE DREAM: Maybe, I might just get lucky and encourage you in some way.

YOUR JOB: Enjoy!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

View from an Airboat (October 2009)

NOT a Green-Back Heron!
It's an American Bittern
Thanks for the above correction go to:
      J. Andrew Boyle
Visit his bird-banding blogsite at:
Gators in the Swamp. No airboat ride is complete
    without oodles of gators, is my opinion.

      Tri-Color Heron

                 Anhinga drying his wings.
                 Can you see his green eye?

      Another anhinga, this time in flight.
    Anyone know what those other birds are???

        A Cypress Tree.
     See it's "knees" over to the right?

        For everyone who's hung with me so far...
                        Another Gator!!!!

        Thanks for looking at my airboat ride photo's.


  1. Great pictures..... and photo essay. Keep me posted on when you post. I love the gator with his mouth wide open the best.... but they are all beautiful. (deleted first comment due to spelling error... :0))

  2. Isn't the bird at the top an American Bittern?

    Thanks for your comments on my blog!

  3. J. Andrew,
    I'm embarrassed but grateful for your kind correction.
    I changed the picture label...and put in a plug for your blog.
    Hope that's ok?

  4. I love the gator with his everglades airboat tours mouth wide open the best..

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I do love gators. Glad you enjoyed it.